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second" son inherits the estate, and bears the name of Saville—Sir John Petre; half-length. A very fine picture, but wilfully defaced by a scoundrelly broker, because it was not to be purchased.

Andrew Doria, a very fine half-length on wood; inscribed pater patriae, and never was title more deservedly bestowed on any man. He was of an ancient Genoese family, and appears literally to have been a warrior by profession, having been equally engaged for and against Francis I. and Charles V. to both of whom he successively proved of service and injury. He nobly refused the sovereignty of his own country; and preferred to have his name recorded as its deliverer, by repressing the conspiracy of Lewis de Fiesco. He died at Genoa 1560, æt. 94; when his countrymen did honour to themselves, in erecting a monument to the memory of this great patriot and naval commander.

Henry Howard Earl of Surrey; half-length. He was amongst the numerous victims who yielded to the relentless temper of Henry VIII. who never spared woman in his lust, nor man in his wrath. This proud ornament of the age in which he lived fell a sacrifice to the jealousy of that monarch, who suspected that he aspired to the crown, because he had quartered the arms of Edward the Confessor on his scutcheon; he was, therefore, condemned