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found erudition, mild worth, and deep penetration have endeared his name to posterity; though they were not sufficient recommendations to the tyrant Henry, who acknowledged no laws above his own will and pleasure; and who having, without ceremony, placed himself at the head of the church, expected as ready sacrifices to convenience from all his subjects ; but More, who could not so soon "quiet saucy conscience," resigned his situation; and still continuing to deny the king's supremacy, was doomed to experience the weight of his power, and was executed on Tower-hill, 1535. Æt. 62.

In the drawing-room,

Sir Anthony Browne was master of the horse to Henry VIII. and one of the executors to his will. This is a most curious half-length.—Lord Townshend.—A singular groupe of four half-lengths, portraits of high antiquity; purporting to be Zebedee, his wife, and two sons.— Lady Sydney, daughter to Secretary Walsingham, wife to Robert Earl of Essex; by Holbein.—John Duke of Argyle;whole length. Sir Thomas Saunderson Lumley, third Earl of Scarborough; whole length.—Thomas Windham, M.D.L. drowned on the coast of Guinea, 1550.— Sir George Saville, connected with the Lumleys by the marriage of his sister Barbara to Richard late Lord Scarborough, whose