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In the music-room, we find

Ambrose Dudley Earl of Warwick, son of John the great Duke of Northumberland; he was regarded as one of the brightest ornaments in the court of Elizabeth, by whom he was created Earl of Warwick. He signalized himself by his valour at the battle of St. Quintin, and his passive fortitude in defending Havre de Grace, of which he was governor, and wherein he received a wound in his leg, of which he died 1589.

John Lord Lumley, 1583, in splendid steel armour, studded with gold.

Thomas Ratcliff Earl of Sussex, a grand full length. He was equally a favourite with Elizabeth and Mary, and lord-deputy of Ireland in both reigns. Obiit 1583. He is represented in elegant white armour, with gold embroidered breeches; and this motto — Amando et fidendo troppo son ruinato.

Duke of Suffolk, 1598. Either the title or date on this picture must be erroneous, as the last Duke of Suffolk died 1553.— Judge Lumley, 1583. —Richard Bertie married Catherine widow of Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk. Ob. 1582. - Villiers Duke of Buckingham. -Killegrew and his dog.

Sir Thomas More, in a furred robe and Capuchin cap. This bright ornament of the 16th century was the first lay chancellor on record. His pro-