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The Second great division of the manufactories of Newcastle are those connected with shipping; 1. Many Ship-yards and Docks. 2. Several Roperies; particularly a very extensive patent work belonging to Messrs. Chapman. 3. Several Sail-Cloth factories. To the above list may be added Mr. William Parker's patent Shot-Manufactory, rearing its lofty head above the other buildings of the town. This structure is built in the form of a circular tower one hundred and seventy-three feet high, mounted on the inside by a spiral stair-case. At the summit within the roof is a gallery from whence the workmen pour the liquid lead, to make the shot; which passing through a sieve, falls like a shower of rain into tubs of water placed at the bottom of the building; acquiring by these means that exact spherical figure which gives it the superiority over every other sort of shot. The manufactory employs about 8o people. From the balcony on the outside of the tower, a grand view is taken of the town, the river "studded thick with many a sail," and the adjoining dingy but well-peopled country.

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