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negotiator with his partizans in England. On the Restoration, he was appointed Governor of Jamaica, and built Port-Royal. Returning home, he was made governor of Sheerness and Landguardfort, with various other employments, which he enjoyed till the Revolution, when he relinquished them, and died at Hagley 1716.

Mary Duchess of Buckingham, by Vandyck; daughter of Thomas Lord Fairfax, and wife of George Villiers Duke of Buckingham. Obiit 1705. Æt. 66.

John Lyttelton, by Zucchero; married to Bridget daughter and coheiress of his guardian Sir John Packington, with whose fortune he rebuilt his seat at Frankley; which was afterwards destroyed by Prince Rupert, to prevent its falling into the hands of the Parliament forces. He was in equal estimation with Mary and Elizabeth, though a catholic. Ob. 1590. it. 69. The motto on this portrait is

"Heu mihi cui nee vicisci
"Nee tantum qvieri licet."

Countess of Exeter, by Vandyck.

William Lord Erouncker, by Lely, stiled by Bishop Burnet " a profound mathematician, " was Chancellor to Queen Catherine, and in the commission of Lord High- Admiral. On the first institution of the Royal Society, he was appointed president, and