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his picture is still preserved with other distinguished characters in the apartments allotted to the Society in Somerset-House. Ob. 1684. Æt. 69.

Countess of Suffolk, by Lely.

Miss Brown, sister to Sir Geo. Brown, by Lely.

Anne Countess of Bedford, sole daughter of Car Earl of Somerset, by the profligate divorced Lady Essex, and wife of William Earl of Bedford, who was created Duke 1694. Ob. 1680. Æt. 64. (Vandyck.)

Anne Countess of Southesk, daughter of William Duke of Hamilton. Some lively traits of her disposition may be found in the secret memoirs of Charles the Second's court, by Count Grammont; but a graver historian has detailed her amours with the Duke of York, and the extraordinary steps adopted by her lord to punish his Highness.— Vide "Burnet's own Times," vol. i. p. 319.

James Duke of Monmouth, an uncommonly fine picture by Lely. The handsome, restless, and ambitious son of Charles II. by Lucy Walters. He attempted to conquer a kingdom with the assistance of a band of raw undisciplined troops, collected from the farmers and mechanics in the West, where he landed in 1685. After the defeat at Sedgmoor, he was found in a wood, with a few pease in his pockets, disguised as a peasant; carried