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to London; executed on Tower-Hill, July 15th, 1685; and his headless body was deposited beneath the communion-table in the adjoining church of St. Petrus ad Vincula.

Oliver Cromwell, with Sir Peter Temple, knt. and bart, a copy, by Jarvis, from the original in the possession of the Rich family. Sir Peter was one of the members of the High Court of Justice for the trial of Charles I. but appears by the Journal not to have acted. He was author of "Man's Master-Piece," to which his head, by Gay wood, is prefixed.

Sir Christopher Minns, by Zonst; son of an honest shoemaker in London, and one of the many instances which the naval register of England furnishes, of men who have been the architects of their own fortune. Whatever might have been the necessary recommendations to favouritism during the reign of Charles II. yet no period of our history teems more fully with details of gallant and heroic naval exploits; and at no æra do the commanders appear to have been more liberally or honourably rewarded. Kit Minns, as he familiarly stiled himself, was one of the admirals engaged against De Ruyter and Tromp, in the memorable action which begun on the first of June 1666. On the fourth day he received a shot in his neck,