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Winifred M. Letts The Spires of Oxford 123
Laurence Binyon Oxford in War-Time 124
Christopher Morley To the Oxford Men in the War 125
W. Snow The Ghosts of Oxford 127
Mildred Huxley Subalterns 127
Tertius van Dyke Oxford revisited in War-Time 128
Lieutenant Ernest Alan Mackintosh Oxford from the Trenches 130
Thomas Hardy "Men who March away" 131
Thomas Hardy In Time of "The Breaking of Nations" 132
Thomas Hardy Then and Now 133
John Masefield The Choice 133
Alfred Noyes The Searchlights 134
John Galsworthy The Soldier Speaks 136
Wilfrid Wilson Gibson The Ragged Stone 137
Sir Henry Newbolt The War Films 137
A. E. Gods of War 138
A. E. Shadows and Lights 140
George Edward Woodberry Sonnets Written in the Autumn of 1914 142
John Drinkwater We Willed it not 146
John Drinkwater Of Greatham 147
Percy Mackaye Christmas, 1915 148
Henry van Dyke The Peaceful Warrior 148
Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Ronald Ross The Death of Peace 149
Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Ronald Ross Apocalypse 152
Walter de la Mare The Fool Rings his Bells 155
Barry Pain The Kaiser and God 157
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Guns in Sussex 158
Kathleen Knox A Lost Land 159
Olive Tilford Dargan "It Will be a Hard Winter" 161
Patrick R. Chalmers The Steeple 162
Mrs. C. T. Whitmell Christ in Flanders 163
Edith Wharton Battle Sleep 165
John Finley The Road to Dieppe 165
W. Macneile Dixon To Fellow Travellers in Greece 168
John Freeman The Stars in their Courses 169