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Gamaliel Bradford Napoleon 171
Dana Burnet Napoleon's Tomb 172
Robert Grant The Superman 173
H. H. Bashford The Vision of Spring, 1916 174
Vachel Lindsay Niagara 176
Everard Owen Three Hills 178
Everard Owen Ypres Tower, Rye 178
Clinton Scollard A Summer Morning 179
G. O. Warren Fulfilment 180
Guy Kendall To my Pupils, Gone before Their Day 181
Theodosia Garrison "These Shall Prevail" 181
Stuart P. Sherman Kaiser and Councillor 182
Odell Shepard The Hidden Weaver 183
Evelyn Underhill Non-Combatants 184
W. H. Draper The Red Christmas 185
Sara Teasdale "There Will Come Soft Rains" 186
Ethel M. Hewitt Bois-Étoilé 187
Hardwicke Drummond Rawnsley Going to the Front 188
Robert W. Service Faith 189
Robert W. Service The Song of the Pacifist 189
Chaplain G. A. Studdert Kennedy A Mother Understands 190
Bliss Carman The War Cry of the Eagles 191
Robert W. Service The Volunteer 194
Robert W. Service Fleurette 195
John Freeman The Return 198
Sir Henry Newbolt The Toy Band 199
Sir Henry Newbolt A Letter from the Front 200
Sir Owen Seaman Thomas of the Light Heart 201
Maurice Hewlett In the Trenches 202
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Guards Came Through 203
William Dean Howells The Passengers of a Retarded Submersible 205
Wilfrid Wilson Gibson Retreat 206
John Ernest Adamson Resurrection 207
F. W. Bourdillon The Call 213
Lieutenant William Rose Benét Front Line 214
Eden Phillpotts In Gallipoli 215
John Gould Fletcher The Last Rally 216
John Gould Fletcher Channel Sunset 218