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Lieutenant-Commander E. Hilton Young Memories 300
W. S. S. Lyon Lines Written in a Fire-Trench 300
Lieutenant Joseph Lee Back to London: A Poem of Leave 301
Lieutenant Joseph Lee German Prisoners 303
Private A. N. Field The Challenge of the Guns 304
Lieutenant-Colonel W. Campbell Galbraith Red Poppies in the Corn 304
Captain W. Kersley Holmes Horse-Bathing Parade 305
Lieutenant William Noel Hodgson ("Edward Melbourne") Before Action 306
Lieutenant Robert Haven Schauffler After Action 306
Captain James Sprent A Confession of Faith 307
Lieutenant Ronald Lewis Carton Hereafter 307
Major Charles G. D. Roberts Cambrai and Marne 310
Lieutenant Donald F. Goold Johnson Battle Hymn 312
Sergeant Joyce Kilmer The Peacemaker 312
Winifred M. Letts Chaplain to the Forces 314
Eden Phillpotts Song of the Red Cross 315
Laurence Binyon The Healers 316
Edith M. Thomas The Red Cross Nurse 317
Alfred Noyes Wireless 318
Alfred Noyes Kilmeny 319
Alfred Noyes The "Vindictive" 320
Robert Bridges The Chivalry of the Sea 322
Sir William Watson The Battle of the Bight 323
Sir Henry Newbolt The Song of the Guns at Sea 324
Morley Roberts The Merchantmen 325
Reginald McIntosh Cleveland Destroyers off Jutland 327
Katharine Tynan After Jutland 327
J. Edgar Middleton Off Heligoland 328
Lieutenant-Commander N. M. F. Corbett The Auxiliary Cruiser 329
C. Fox Smith British Merchant Service 330
C. Fox Smith The North Sea Ground 332