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Sergeant Joyce Kilmer Kings 261
Lieutenant Robert Nichols Comrades: An Episode 261
Lieutenant Robert Nichols Fulfilment 264
Lieutenant Robert Nichols The Day's March 265
Captain Siegfried Sassoon The Troops 266
Captain Siegfried Sassoon Trench Duty 267
Captain T. P. Cameron Wilson Magpies in Picardy 267
Lieutenant Frederic Manning The Face 269
Lieutenant Frederic Manning The Sign 269
Lieutenant Frederic Manning The Trenches 270
Lieutenant Frederic Manning Transport 271
Captain James H. Knight-Adkin No Man's Land 272
Captain James H. Knight-Adkin "On Les Aura!" 273
Captain Robert Graves The Last Post 274
Lieutenant Herbert Asquith On a Troopship, 1915 274
Lieutenant Herbert Asquith The Volunteer 275
Patrick MacGill Before the Charge 275
Patrick MacGill In the Morning 276
Lieutenant E. Wyndham Tennant Home Thoughts from Laventie 277
Lieutenant E. Wyndham Tennant Reincarnation 279
Lieutenant E. Wyndham Tennant Light after Darkness 279
Captain Edward de Stein To a Skylark behind Our Trenches 280
Lieutenant F. W. Harvey The Bugler 281
Lieutenant E. Armine Wodehouse Before Ginchy 281
Lieutenant E. Armine Wodehouse Next Morning 284
Captain James Norman Hall The Cricketers of Flanders 286
Captain James Norman Hall A Finger and a Huge, Thick Thumb 287
Lieutenant Henry William Hutchinson Sonnets 290
Lieutenant William Noel Hodgson ("Edward Melbourne") God's Hills 291
Captain Gilbert Frankau Headquarters 281
Captain Gilbert Frankau Ammunition Column 294
Captain Gilbert Frankau The Voice of the Guns 295
Bernard Freeman Trotter A Kiss 297
Bernard Freeman Trotter The Poplars 298
Captain William G. Shakespeare The Cathedral 299