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Lieutenant Herbert Asquith The Fallen Subaltern 373
Wilfrid Wilson Gibson Lament 373
John Galsworthy Valley of the Shadow 374
Lord Crewe A Harrow Grave in Flanders 374
E. V. Lucas The Debt 370
John Drinkwater Riddles, R.F.C. 376
Barry Pain The Army of the Dead 377
G. O. Warren The Spectral Army 378
John Jay Chapman To a Dog 378
Norreys Jephson O'Conor For Francis Ledwidge 379
A. E. The Last Hero 380
John Masefield The Island of Skyros 380
Wilfrid Wilson Gibson Rupert Brooke 381
Moray Dalton Rupert Brooke (In Memoriam) 383
Eden Phillpotts To Rupert Brooke 383
Robert Bridges Lord Kitchener 384
John Helston Kitchener 384
Wilfred Campbell Where Kitchener Sleeps 385
Amelia Josephine Burr Kitchener's March 386
Sir Owen Seaman To the Memory of Field-Marshal Earl Roberts 387
George Edward Woodberry Edith Cavell 388
Thomas Hardy Before Marching, and After 389
W. L. Courtney To our Dead 390
G. E. Rees Telling the Bees 390
Captain A. T. Nankivell The House of Death 391
Margaret Adelaide Wilson Gervais 391
Lieutenant Sigourney Thayer The Dead 392
Claude Houghton To the Fallen 392
Captain T. P. Cameron Wilson Sportsmen in Paradise 393
A. E. Murray The Dead 393
Duncan Campbell Scott To a Canadian Lad, Killed in the War 394
Moray Dalton To Some Who have Fallen 395
Lieutenant Ewart Alan Mackintosh In Memoriam 395
Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick George Scott The Silent Toast 397
Hermann Hagedorn Resurrection 398
Francis Bickley The Players 398
Captain W. Kersley Holmes Fallen 399
John Hogben "Somewhere in France" 399
Marjorie Wilson To Tony (aged 3) 400
Mildred Huxley To my Godson 401
Katharine Tynan New Heaven 402
Katharine Tynan The Old Soldier 403