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Lieutenant Ronald Lewis Carton Réveillé 403
Lieutenant Walter Lightowler Wilkinson A Lament from the Dead 404
Winifred M. Letts The Call to Arms in our Street 406
G. O. Warren The Endless Army 407
Katharine Tynan The Mother 408
Marjorie Wilson The Devonshire Mother 409
F. W. Bourdillon The Heart-Cry 410
Ada Tyrell My Son 410
Margaret Widdemer Homes 411
Edward J. O'Brien Song 412
Josephine Preston Peabody Harvest Moon 412
Josephine Preston Peabody Harvest Moon, 1916 414
Grace Fallow Norton The Journey 415
Captain Gilbert Frankau Mother and Mate 416
Gabrielle Elliot Pierrot Goes to War 417
Katherine Hale Grey Knitting 417
Katharine Tynan At Parting 418
Beatrice W. Ravenel Missing 419
Sara Teasdale Spring in War-Time 420
Austin Dobson "When there is Peace" 421
Austin Dobson Clean Hands 421
G. O. Warren Peace 422
Richard le Gallienne After the War 423
Marjorie L. C. Pickthall When It Is Finished 423
Eden Phillpotts Réveillé 424
Sergeant Leslie Coulson When I Come Home 425
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