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While chatting with Dennis, Rose lost all her fear;
And the swift Albert Victor came safe to the pier
At Boulogne, where they landed, and there was the train
In waiting to take up the travellers again.
But to travel so quickly was not their intent:
On a little refreshment our party was bent.
Here they are at the Buffet—for dinner they wait—
And the tall garçon, André, attends them in state.


At a separate table sits Monsieur Legros,
And behind him his poodle, Fidèle, you must know,
Who can dance, he's so clever, and stand and on his head,
Or upon his nose balance a morsel of bread.
Mabel takes up some sugar to coax him, whilst Nell
Calls him to her—Fidèle understands very well—
"Why! he must have learnt English, he knows what we say,"
Mabel cries, "See!—he begs in the cleverest way."