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Index:Abroad - 1882.djvu

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Abroad - 1882.djvu

Title Abroad
Author Thomas Crane, Ellen Houghton
Year 1882
Publisher Marcus Ward & Co.
Location London
Source djvu
Progress To be proofread
Transclusion Fully transcluded

Children's book; poetry of places.


"Bon Voyage" 3
London: "Packing" Frontispiece
The Departure Title-page
On the Way 8
Folkestone: Going on Board 9
Crossing the Channel 10
Boulogne: The Buffet 12
The Hotel 13
The Quay 14
The First Morning in France 15
Rouen: "Good-night" 16
Church of St. Ouen 17
Blind Pierre 19
Rue de l'Epicerie 20
The Crèche 21
The Schoolroom 22
School Drill 23
Caen: The Arrival 24
The Hotel 25
The Hotel Kitchen 26
The Washerwomen 27
The Knife-grinder 28
Chocolate and Milk 29
The Lacemakers 31
En Route— A Railway Crossing 32
A Railway Station 33
Paris: The Gardens of the Palais Royale 34
On the Boulevard 35
The Tuileries Garden 36
Punch and Judy 37
Musèe de Cluny 38
Staircase of Henry II. 39
The Man in Armour 40
The "Zoo" 41
The Pony Tramway 42
The Swans 43
A Flower Stall 44
A Day at Versailles 45
La Fontaine des Innocents 47
The Markets 49
The Luxembourg Gardens 51
The Merry-go-round 52
The Night Journey to Calais 53
Calais: The Water-Gate 54
Dover: Homeward Bound 55
"Bon Retour" 56