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C latter! clatter! on they go,
   Past stream and gentle valley,
Until the engine wheels turn slow,
   And stop at length to dally

For dinner-time full half-an-hour
   Within a crowded station
While hungry little mouths devour
   The tempting cold collation

Spread in the dining-room at hand;
   And then, when that is finished,
The children sally in a band,
   With appetites diminished,

To look at all the folk they meet,—
   The porters in blue blouses,
The white-robed priests, the nuns so neat,
   The farmers and their spouses,

And all the other folk that make
   A crowd in France amusing:—
Till hark! their places all must take,
   Without a minute losing.

The engine puffs—away they fly,
   And soon leave all behind them;
Now turn the page, and you and I
   In Paris Safe will find them.