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ROUND this pretty fountain here
Sparrows gather all the year ;
In its sparkling waters dip,
From its basin freely sip,
Round about their fountain play,
Safe and happy all the day;—
Little "innocents" are they.
That is Antoine, bread in hand;
See him by his mother stand:
Saucy little birdies spy
Antoine's bread, and at it fly,
Trying each to get a share,
Frightening little Antoine there.
Antoine does not wish to share,
Thinks the bread is all his right,
Just to suit his appetite.
Mother says, "Be kind, my son,
There is more when this is done;
Bread enough for thee at home:
Let the pretty sparrows come;
Give them each a little crumb."

Here our little family
Near the fountain too, we see,
Walking through the open space
To the covered market-place.