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On the 25th September 1788, the following extracts from the last; will and settlement of the deceased JAMES COULTER, late merchant in Glasgow, dated 22d November 1787, recorded in the Books of Session, (H.S.) 11th September 14788, and who died the 6th of that month, are recorded in the Council Books: "Item, The sum of 400l. sterling, which I hereby mortify and appropriate as a fund towards erecting or supporting of a public Bridewell or Work-house in or near Glasgow, now in agitation or prospect; and which sum I appoint to be lodged in the hands, and under the direction and management of the Magistrates and Town Council of Glasgow, to be by them applied or secured for the purposes of this mortification. But the term of payment thereof to them shall be suspended until a plan of the said institution shall be fixed upon, and begun to be carried into execution; and until then, the intereft of the said sum shall belong and be paid to or retained by my Brother and Sisters, or their heirs or assigns, as my residuary donees. Item, The sum of 200l. sterling, which I hereby mortify and appropriate, as a fund for an annual premium for the benefit of the manufactures and trade of Glasgow, or its neighbourhood, in hopes that such a small but honorary distinction, to im-