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Fyse, holden of the Burgh of St. Andrew's, for putting four boys to apprenticeships, to any lawful honest trade or calling, within the Burgh, whose apprentice-fees are to be paid out of the rents of the lands, and no greater sum is to be paid for their apprentice-fees than too merks, and after their apprenticeships are over, they are to be admitted Burgesses by the Magistrates gratis. Sir, John agrees, to make election of Scots bairns within the burgh, in preference to anyin Edinburgh. Three of these boys are presented by the Donor's successors, and the other by the Magistrates and-Council. By act of Council, 5th April 1781, an agreement was made between David Scott of Scotstarbet, Esq; the successor of the said sir John seen, and the Magistrates and Council, by which it was provided, that, when the lands should yield a yearly rent of 30l. Mr. Scott shall have right to present four boys, and the Magistrates and Council two buys; and when the lands should yield 40l. of yearly rent, Mr. Scott should have right to present six boys, and the Magistrates and Council two boys; and that the apprentice-fees, formerly in use to be paid, should not be augmented, notwithstanding any rise of the rent.