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ges of God's providence, justice, and mercy, fallen forth in the memory of famous persons. This record is appointed to be kept by the assistance of the Ministers of Glasgow, for the time, and to be revised by the Professor of Theology; and such of it as shall be thought worthy to be kept in the public register of the College, to be written by the Student. No presentation upon this deed having, so far as now known, taken place, application was made in March, 1791, to the Faculty to know the reason thereof, and it is now under the consideration of the Faculty.

SCOTSTARBET's mortification. This was founded by Sir John Scott of Scotstarbet, Knight, one of the Senators of the College of justice, by a contract between him and the Magistrates and Council of Glasgow, dated 7th and 13th June 1653, and by a second contract, dated 28th April 1658, whereby, out of the love he had to this city, being the prime city in the west, out of which country Sir John descended, and in consideration of the calamity of the inhabitants through fire, he mortified and conveyed to the Magistrates and Council the lands of Pucky and Pucky Mill, with the houses, &c. lying in the parish of St. Leonard's, and Sheriffdom of