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sters of Glasgow, for one Student of Divinity, of good character, for four years, the names of Gilhagie and Sommerville to be preferred: The sum originally mortified was 1,000 merks, and it appears by an act of Council, 16th August, 1780, that the interest had lain over unapplied, from September 1755. It was then accumulated to principal sum yielding, 6l. 6s. of interest, the yearly sum now paid to the Bursar.

The Bursaries payable by the Town are paid at Whitsunday yearly, for the preceding Session of College.


MRS. MARGARET GRAHAM's mortification. By a deed in the Town's possession, dated 28th May 1641, and recorded in the Faculty record of the College, it appears, that Margaret Graham, relict of John Boyd, in Probdike of Kilmarnock, mortified 1000 merks; the interest of which was to be paid to a Student of Theology in the College of Glasgow, to be presented by the Magistrates and Council, with consent of the Principal and Professor of Divinity, and the Student was appointed to keep a record of the rarest passa-