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years are not sufficient even to make a person acquainted with its contents. The salary is altogether inadequate to the trust, and high security which the keeper ought to give for the management. The following proposal is therefore submitted to the consideration of the Magistrates and Town Council of Glasgow. 1st, That the Magistrates and Town Council shall have the sole right of presenting a Librarian in the original terms of Hutcheson's donation, with a salary to be paid by the College of zoo merks yearly, which Librarian however shall be subjected to no charge but that of keeping the old Library. 2d, That the University shall have the sole right of appointing the keeper of the new Library, and shall be left to find a proper salary for him in the best way they can, and to continue him in office as long as they shall find it expedient.

(Signed) William Leechman.

Glasgow-College, Sth February, 1782. Which memorial being, read to, and considered by, the Magistrates and Council, they approve thereof, and agree to the terms thereby proposed.

6. MRS. AGNES GILHAGlE's, relict of William Sommerville, merchant, Glasgow. This is vested in the Magistrates and Council, and Mini-