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failing, a Burgess's son of any other name; whom failing, any other qualified Student; to remain in the said office four years only, being always found apt and qualified by the Rector, Principal, Dean of Faculty, and Regents, to whom the presentation shall be directed. That after their condign trial, of the qualifications and aptitude of the said Student to that charge, he may be admitted by them thereto during the space aforesaid. He being obliged, at his admission and reception, to that office, to commemorate this present foundation in these words following, "Ego A. B. fancté polliceor et juro me bibliothecarii munus in Collegio Glasguensi, opibus et liberalitate Georgii et Thomae Hutchisonorum fratrum a Lambhill fundatum, integre et sideliter administraturum." The annual produce of this sum being afterwards found inadequate to the office, the College, out of their own funds, raised the Library keeper's falary to 400 merks yearly, upon an agreement with the Town Council, that the Magistrates and Town Council on the one part, and the College on the other, should have the right of presentation alternately, each for four years; and thus the matter stands at present. The University's Library is now increased to such a size, in the number and value of the books, that four