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By the deed in 1677, 1501. is also mortified to St. Nicholas's Hospital, for two poor men of good report, to be chosen by the Magistrates, one of this Burgh, and the other of the Barony parilh. This now is an annual sum of 13l. 10S. bellowed on three poor men equally, at 41. 1os. each.

5. MR. THOMAS HUTCHESON's mortification, for a Librarian in Glasgow College. This was founded by a deed 13th May 1641, the nature of which appears from the following act of Council, dated 28th February 1782. The said day there was presented a memorial from Glasgow College, to the Magistrates and Council, whereof the tenor follows: "The College of Glasgow had, for a long time, no fund for a Library keeper; Mr. Thomas Hutcheson of Lambhill, observing this deficiency, paid down to the Principal and Professors the sum of 2000 merks, and by his deed of donation, dated 13th May 1641, appointed the annual produce of this sum for a salary to a Library keeper, reserving the nomination of the Librarian to himself, during his own life, and yelling it in the Town Council of Glasgow after his decease. The said librarian to be a qualified Student, and Master of Arts; of the sirname of Huteheson, whom