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tion in the candidates than that of being a Student of Divinity. The annual payment is 6l. 13s. 4d. for four years.

By deed between the College and the Town, dated 6th May 1629, the College acknowledge receipt of Mr. Struthers' and of Mr. Boyd's mortification-money, and gave heritable security for it.

These three are paid by the College out of fundsin their hands.

4. DOCTOR LEIGHTON's late Bishop of Glasgow. This is founded by a deed, 1st August 1677, and another, dated 4th September 1681, in favour of two Students of Philosophy, for four years, and thereafter in Divinity for two years. The last deed declares, that if the Student of Philosophy wishes to continue in Divinity, and be not otherwise provided for, the Magistrates and Council have a power to continue him for two or three years. The Patrons are not limited in their choice of the description of candidates, but present two on each Bursary to the College, for a comparative trial, and on their report, which of them is best qualified, he is presented by the Magistrates and Council. The annual payment is 9l. each, and is paid by the Town.