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1640, approved of by an act of Council 28th February 1640, for two Bursars for four years, who must be Students of Divinity, Masters of Arts, and sons of Burgesses, whose parents are unable to sustain them. The Bursars are to be chosen out of such of Mr. Wilson's kindred, who shall (land in need of it Bursary. And, if these last who are qualified and unable to maintain themselves, desire to pass the ordinary course of Philosophy, and other inferior studies of the College, they are to be preferred to the Bursary. The candidates are to be tried by the Principal and Masters of the College. The annual payment is, 6l. 13s. 4d. sterling for each.

3. MR. WILLIAM STRUTHERS'. He was a Minister at Edinburgh, who in 1624 mortified 6000 merks, yielding 600 merks yearly, (money yielded then 6 10 per cent. interest) to the Colleges of Glasgow and Edinburgh equally, for two Bursaries in Theology, in each College. By act of Council 1653 it appears, that the interest then, in the hands of the town, had run up to 1000 merks, which being added to the mortified sum made it in whole 4000 merks, which the College acknowlege they have in their hands, by a deed 21st December 1653. The foundation requires no other qualifica-