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Management of the Magistrates and Town Council of Glasglow.

1. MR. ZACHARIAS BOYD's. This was established by contract between the Faculty of the College of Glasgow and Mr. Boyd, Minister of the Barony Kirk, dated 23d June, 1635, and recorded in the Books of Session 17th May thereafter. The sum mortified was 3000 merks for two Bursars, Students of Divinity, sons of Burgesses, and those of the name of Boyd to be preferred. To continue two years if the Patrons think fit, but notto exceed four years. The annual payment is, 5l. 11s. 1½d.

2. MR. MICHAEL WILSON's. This was established by the last will of the said Mr. Wilson, who was born and bred in Glasgow, lived long and died in Cartburn, in the county of Sussex, South Britain, as narrated in an act of the College Faculty in

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