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by the Trades House. Declaring, that if in any year no such invention or improvement shall have occurred, the annual proceeds for the preceding year, shall, for that vice, be disposed of and divided by the Patrons of the pension-fund above-mentioned, as a temporary supply, in such portions as they chuse, to, and among the most needy and deferring applicants. The sum of 1200l. sterling, which thereby mortify and appropriate, as a charitable fund, in perpetuity, in favour of worthy and deferring persons in indigent or narrow circumstances, so as the annual proceeds thereof may be applied, or paid to such persons, in annual pensions, to such extent as shall not exceed 10l. sterling yearly to one person, nor be less than 4l. sterling yearly to one person; which peniions shall, from time to time, be presented by my said Brother and Sisters, or any two of them, or the survivors or survivor of them, whom I hereby appoint Patrons of the said charity, until the decease of the last liver of them, when the said patronage and right of presentation shall devolve and belong to the Ministers of the different parishes of Glasgow, and an equal number of Members of the Town Council of Glasgow, to be delegated by the Council, the Lord Provost, or, in his absence, the Senior Magistrate, from time to time, being al-