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ways one, and President of the meeting, having one vote as well as a calling vote, in all cases of parity; and which sum of 1200l. sterling, I appoint, at the term of payment aforesaid, to be lodged in the hands, and to be under the direction of the Magistrates and Town Council of Glasgow, to be by them secured in their own hands, as representing the Community of the City, or elsewhere, for such annual proceeds, in rent or interest, as can be got for it, to be applied for the purposes of this mortification annually as aforesaid. Declaring, that during the patronage of my Brother and Sisters, or any of them, their exercise of it shall be explained in the most extensive and liberal manner, without their being restricted as to persons or rates of their pensions, and without rendering a public account of their management, as I can safely trust to their honour and regard for me. And therefore, the said annual proceeds shall, if they desire it, be paid to them yearly, in order that they may distribute the same in pensions, without the formalities of deeds of presentation. And declaring, that I expect from the Patrons, whoever they be, from time to time, and earnestly recommend, that, in bestowing the pensions, a preference be given, to persons of the name of Coulter or of Peadie, when such are appli-