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of alcohol and starch foods — Chittenden on food theory of alcohol — Researches of Dr. S. P. Beebe — Liver impaired by alcohol — Dr. Winfield S. Hall’s interpretation of the researches of Beebe and Hunt — Oxidation of alcohol by liver a protective action — Researches show that alcohol is a poison, not a food 392
Alcohol Baths — Beverages for the Sick — Tobacco and the Eyesight — Advertised “Cures” for Drunkenness — How to quit drinking — Dr. T. D. Crother’s remedy for drink crave — Alcohol and Children — Alcohol Tested — Beer-Drinking Injurious to Health — Drug Drinks — Special Directions for Women — Total Abstinence and Life Insurance — Opinions of Life Insurance Companies on drinkers as risks 410