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Medicines — Proprietary “Foods” strongly alcoholic — Alcoholic Cod-Liver Oil preparations — Australia’s Royal Commission on Patent Medicines — Committee on Pharmacy analyses — Malt extracts — Coca Wines — Advertising, the strength of the Nostrum business — An effectual remedy 299
Drugs do not cure disease — Nature cures — Opinions of drug medication of prominent physicians — La grippe caused by drug taking — Coal-tar drugs — Quinine — Sir Frederick Treves on disuse of drugs — People demand drugs of physicians — Mothers make drug victims of their children — Habit-producing drugs — Causes of drug-taking — How to be well 335
Testimonies of Physicians Against Alcoholic Medication.
No need for substitutes for alcohol — Alcohol hides symptoms of disease — Responsibility of physicians — Opinions of many teachers in medical colleges — Hot milk better than alcohol — Journal of the American Medical Association on researches of Abbott and Laitinen — Resolution against alcohol of West Virginia Medical Society — Dr. Knox Bond on Scarlet Fever — Metchinkoff on white blood-cells — Kassowitz describes his treatment of fevers — Sims Woodhead’s opinions — Opinions of German Physicians — Dr. Harvey blames medical profession for careless use of alcohol and opium — Use of Alcohol declining rapidly in medical practice 356
Recent Researches Upon Alcohol.
Experiments of Laitinen — Resistance of blood-cells to disease lowered by alcohol — International Congress on Alcoholism, London, 1909 — Alcohol and Immunity — Effect of Alcohol Drinking on Human Off-spring — Researches of Kraepelin and Aschaffenberg — Economic losses by reduced work through beer and wine drinking — Researches of Dr. Reid Hunt — Mice given alcohol killed by small doses of poison — Difference in effect