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temperate woman — Of a drinking woman — Advice of Dr. James Edmunds, of the Lying-in Hospital, London — How to feed the baby — Case of a young mother who used beer — Nathan S.Davis on beer and gin 234
Comparative Death-Rates With and Without the Use of Alcohol.
Fewer deaths in smallpox hospitals without alcohol — 200 cases of scarlet fever without alcohol — Non-alcoholic treatment of fevers with less than 5 per cent, death-rate — Report of cases in English and Scotch hospitals — 340 cases of typhus — London Lancet articles on typhoid — Mercy Hospital, Chicago — Death-rates in pneumonia and typhoid in large hospitals — Sir B. W. Richardson’s report of practice 247
Reasons Why Alcohol Is Dangerous as Medicine.
Researches of Abbott — Vital Resistance lowered by alcohol — Experiments upon Urinary Toxicity — Effect of alcohol upon the guardian-cells of the body — Dr. Sims Woodhead on immunity — Delearde’s experiments at the Pasteur Institute — Dr. A. Pearce Gould on alcohol and cancer — Delirium in illness caused by alcohol 262
Why Doctors Still Prescribe Alcoholics.
Public often demand it — Lack of knowledge of true nature of alcohol — Alcohol given undeserved credit for recoveries — Use of alcohol results from custom — Education of the people in teachings of non-alcoholic physicians necessary — Prescription of alcohol a matter of routine — Two examples 291
Alcoholic Proprietary or “Patent” Medicines.
The Pure Food Law — The guarantee — Newspaper opposition to the law — Headache remedies — Fake testimonials — Dangers of soothing syrups and morphine cough syrups — Fraud orders issued by Post-Office Department — Internal Revenue Department and Patent