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I vote against you, I concede;
I may continue so to do,
But I am not opposed to you.
To call me so is most unjust
I make myself quite plain, I trust.

Suffragists (to another legislator):
And may we hear from you, sir, how
You'll vote?

3rd Legislator:
I have no option now;
I listen to my district's voice;
It voted no; I have no choice.

O sir, I think there's some mistake,
Your district carried.

4th Legislator (hastily interrupting):
Let me make
His statement clear; he means that we
All come here absolutely free.
Not at our districts' beck and nod,
We vote to please ourselves and God;
And we are not in all events
The slaves of our constituents.

Suffragists (slightly puzzled, to another legislator):
And you, sir, shall you vote for it?

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