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5th Legislator:
No, though I think you will admit
I have a very open mind;
If in my district I should find
The women want it (which they don't),
I'd vote for it. Till then I won't.

And have you asked so very many?

5th Legislator (astonished):
Why, no, I don't think I've asked any.

Suffragists (to another legislator):
And what, sir, is your attitude?

6th Legislator:
I hope you will not think me rude,
If, ladies, as a friend I say
You do not work the proper way.
It's time you disappeared, and let
The public utterly forget
That there are women wish to vote.
Then at some future time, remote,
In twenty years, or twenty-five,
If you should chance to be alive,
You'd see a change—at least you ought—
A striking change in public thought.
This from a friend.

But are you so?

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