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and strange customs. It can be brought to bay in its lair any time during the morning. Copeland is the past participle of a verb meaning to fly about in eccentric circles. Is there anything else I can tell you?"

"No, thank you," said Alice, "you are very kind, I am sure."

"Now you owe me thirty dollars," Humpty Dumpty said. "You had better make out a check."

"Dear me," said Alice to herself, "I never saw such mercenary creatures in my life."

Then a bright idea came into her head.

"Would you mind making out an itemized bill?" she asked.

"Certainly not," Humpty Dumpty re­plied, and taking out a large fountain-pen, began to write. While he busied himself thus, Alice slipped away, and was soon lost to sight among the red oak saplings.

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