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The Mad Meeting

AFTER running a little way through the woods, Alice stopped in surprise before a table which was set out under a tree. The table was laid for at least thirty people, but only three were sitting at it. Alice imme­diately recognized the Hatter and the March Hare, and the third she was quite sure must be the Dormouse, as it was fast asleep. The Hatter wore a very high hat covered with eight or ten hatbands of various colors. As soon as he saw Alice he cried out, "Radcliffe not admitted!"

"But my name isn't Radcliffe," said Alice, as she took a seat.

"Nobody said it was," the Hatter replied.

"But you looked at me," said Alice.

"That was unavoidable," said the March Hare. "Nobody looks at Radcliffe students for pleasure."

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