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out every other week. This week isn't any other week."

"How dreadfully confusing," said Alice.

"I knew he would confuse you," said Twaddle. "He's almost as unintelligible as I am. That's one reason why he is some­times called an Advocate."

"Are advocates confusing?" asked Alice.

"You wouldn't ask that," said Twaddle, shaking his head sadly, "if you had ever been to law."

"Have you ever been to law?" Alice asked.

"Not exactly," said Twaddle, "but if we combine as they want us to, there is sure to be trouble."

"A combination in restraint of trade, you see," Tweedle explained.

"But it would be a great advantage to you," said Alice, "to join hands instead of covering each other's mouth."

"Exactly," said Twaddle, "the law and the profits."

Alice could not see that this last re-

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