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mark made any sense at all, but she said nothing.

"Would you like to hear some poetry?" Tweedle said after a pause.

"Not if it's very long," said Alice.

Tweedle paid no attention to her, but cleared his throat and began in a very solemn voice:

"The Taussig and the Bushnell Hart
Were lecturing in Greek.
"They wept like anything to see
The benches bare and bleak.
"'If these were only occupied,'
They said, 'why, we would speak.'


"'If seven grinds with seven heads
Sat here for half a year,
"Do you suppose,' the Taussig said,
'That we could make it clear?'
"'I doubt it,' said the Bushnell Hart,
And shed a bitter tear.


"'O Students, come and listen now,'
The Taussig did beseech,
"'Political Economy
Is what I strive to teach,
"The Bushnell Hart will also make
An unimpassioned speech.'


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