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(I can read but very poorly), But the words hit like a blow.

Gone for ever, mother darlint !

Gone widout one word fur me, To tell me you d forgiven Teddy !

Gone, for ever ! woe is me !

Can t I see your eyes a-shinin In the darkened cabin-door,

When I turned away in anger,

Cause you scolded when I swore?

Backward turn in at the corner, Lookin when you couldn t see,

Wipin tears off wid your apron Bitter tears that fell fur me.

So I left you in my anger,

Sailed that night from home and you, Yet I see you cryin softly

Tears upon your apron blue.

Gathered pounds I jest was keepin ,

Jest was fixin up a home, Jest was meanin to write humbly

I was sorry would ye come ?

I ll read it over. What s this linin ,

Done by John ? " Our mother said, Tell my Teddy I forgave him,

Loved him alway darlin Ted ! "

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