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I wonder if olden-time lovers

Had tender and sweet things to say

To think that this same " George " was grandpa, Not gouty, nor halting, nor gray !

"My darling Amelia " that s grandma;

Just fancy the blessed old dear Being young and the belle of the village,

In a bonnet and mantle so queer ! "My darling Amelia,

Without you

I find the days weary and long ;" This sounds very like Charlie s letter. Do they all sing the very same song ?

Oh, grandpa, to think of your writing

Such terrible nonsense as this, About " love in a cottage," to grandma,

With such a big "B" to the "bliss" ! Oh, you promise,

"Most lovely Amelia,

The winds shall not roughen your cheek;" But, grandpa, how then did it happen

You let her brine: wood for a week?


��I read : " When I win you, my darling, I ll guard you and keep you from care."

Oh, grandpa, who cured all the bacon ? Who washed out the place for the fair ?

Ever sleeping or waking, Amelia,

I ll keep thee from harm evermore."

�� �