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Wrapped his wide cloak to shield from harm The fair head drooping on his arm, And whispered softly,

"You and I Will reach port soon !"

Her glazing eye

Turned shoreward first, then glanced aloft, Whilst trembled still that echo soft, Until, with head low on his breast, The song came to an endless rest. Thus morning found them, white and chill, Beyond the touch of human ill, Safe on the Frost-king s stalwart arm From heartache sore or body s harm.

  • * # #

Now, when dark winter s icy breath

Brings solemn tales of wreck and death,

W T hilst watching through the midnight dark

For homeward step and lantern s spark,

In fishing-cabins old wives tell

Again the tale all know so well.

Just when the drift-wood fire burns low,

And loitering neighbors turn to go,

They stop and listen by the door

And hear, they say. though wild seas roar,

Clearly and softly, floating nigh,

That faith-song still,

"Sweet by and bye!"

�� �