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When the Master so long ago blessed you He gave you a mission, tis clear ;

For babies love old folks God bless them ! They miss not the golden locks gone ;

They see not the eventide shadow Eclipsing Life s roseate dawn.

Nay, clearer of vision, it may be,

Since nearer than we to the sky, They see the ripe heart s tender treasure,

And pass youth and beauty both by. So, grandma, " your case is not proven."

That babies love old folks is plain ; And Bessie shall help me to prove it

If I hear any mourning again.


NOW for a summer sojourn sweet, My cares all left behind me, My law-books left to gather dust,

While clients cannot find me. The bed and board are promising

Nay, better still, are proving In%trict accord with contract made Before my summer moving.

Alas ! to-day I heard them say What filled my heart with sorrow :

�� �