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" The baby s coming very soon ;

And may be here to-morrow. I didn t know a baby lived

Within a furlong here ; Not that I sanction Herod s plan,

But then they cry. Oh dear !

I know there will be silver spoons

That smell of paregoric, I know there will be wails by day,

And nights most melancholic. The doors must all be shut, no doubt,

If " baby " dear should sneeze ; The "baby s" carriage in the hall

Must graze the boarders knees.

Where did I leave off journal-leaves ?

Ah, here, "the baby" dreading. Such queer events since then have come

Close on each other treading ! The " baby " ! Well, the baby came,

Is here to-day, God bless her ! And I have learned to love it well

Would, if I dared, caress her.

  • * * *

So I sat down at breakfast-time

A little sulky maybe, And then the morning brighter grew

With advent of "the baby." A lady fair, with starry eyes

With summer sleep yet dewy,

�� �