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Was introduced. " O summer guest ! This is our baby, Louie."

I look back on my journal now

To scratch out what is written Of fear and dread. I nothing fear

From "baby" now except the mitten. I am not sure, I dare not ask,

Lest she might scorn me, maybe, If I should offer heart and hand

Most humbly to "the baby."


VERY early in the morning Of the new week s dawning day, Like one blessed, past the angels Baby darling stole away.

Was there ever softer summons, Sweeter time on earth, than this,

For a creature surely ransomed To receive the heavenly kiss ?

True, we saw no shining angels

When their broad wings, wide and white, Swept the cradle, cold and empty,

Just as dawn bloomed out of night

Heard no clear angelic voices, Such as thrilled on Mary s ear:

�� �