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Is it only a dreamer s fancy, then,

That I call to mind, twas the children gave

To the church its bell ? that the name it bears Is written over a little grave ?

Does the brazen mass keep a loyal heart In remembrance still of a childish saint,

And is that the reason evermore

Why the tones evoked echo far and faint ?

Only idle fancy, I know, all this,

And yet when I hear the pathetic peal,

I wonder still if the children s bell

Is not stamped in truth with the children s seal,


WEE Bobbie, and Nettie, and Willie, Come here, on the grass by my knee, Till I tell you about a great battle It fell to my fortune to see.

Busy Bumble-bee found a sweet lily

With rosy silk curtains inside, And crept for a nap in its hollow,

Intending till morn to abide.

How he snored ! Yes, I heard him so loudly ! I laughed at his perfect content,

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