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While the beautiful blossom drooped over, And the sturdy green lily-stem bent.

Like a jewel with wings fluttered Hum-bird Fair Hum-bird, sweet child of the air

Seeking eagerly food from the lily, Unconscious that Bumble was there.

With wings blurred by rapid vibration,

With a ruby ablaze on her breast, Her tongue like a fairy tape-measure,

Unrolled, for its sweet honey- quest,

Came the bird to the lily-tent swiftly ;

Old Bumble woke cross as could be, As he backed himself out of his quarters,

And turned his queer eyes round to see.

And he growled and he hummed and he threatened, While Hum-bird said, plain as could be,

"Hurry out, right away, from my lily !" " Your lily !" growled Bumble ; " we ll see."

Then they fought with a will. Little Hum-bird Struck wildly with beak, claw, and wing,

Till old Bumble, in terrible temper,

Pierced the beautiful breast with his sting.

There was one little squeak as it ended,

And poor little Hum-bird lay dead ; So I buried her softly in rose-leaves,

And laid a bud under her head.


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