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finish of the season of 1910, the best in the history of the national pastime, with that of the finish of 1890, the worst.

Base Ball values are to-day quoted at one hundred cents on the dollar, to use a phrase which is popular with the men in financial circles.

At the end of 1890, a season of war and strife between players and owners, Base Ball values had been whittled down to less than ten cents on the dollar.

There were some who had lost their all and who had been forced out of the game. Strife did it. Strife will invariably mar the success of any sport and, unless it is possessed of the vitality and intrinsic merit of Base Ball, ultimately will kill it.

Estimating the growth of Base Ball upon the basis which has been in evidence for the last five years, it is within reason to predict that the year 1920 will see 10,000,000 paid admissions at the contests of the major leagues.

The million mark expands the further one analyzes the steady growth of the sport, and looks forward to a future which may be blessed with safe conduct under a sane National Agreement and with level-headed men to conduct the administration.