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[No. 5
How to find Sources

Alden Bradford, Speeches of the Governors of Massachusetts from 1765 to 1775 ; and the Answers of the House of Representatives to the same. Boston, 1818. — These documents describe many of the controversies leading up to the Revolution.

Congress of the United States, Journals of Congress. Containing the Proceedings [1774-1788] (contemporaneous edition). 13 vols. Philadelphia, 1777-1788. — Also a reprint in 13 vols. (Philadelphia, 1800-1801), and another in 4 vols., under the title Journals of the American Congress: From 1774 to 1788 (Washington, 1823).

Congress of the United States, Secret Journals of the Acts and Proceedings of Congress. 4 vols. Boston, 1821. — Extracts omitted in making up the public journals, especially on the history of the Confederation and on foreign affairs.

Evert Augustus Duyckinck and George Long, Cyclopœdia of American Literature ; embracing Personal and Critical Notices of Authors, and Selections from their Writings. From the Earliest Period to the Present Day. 2 vols. New York, 1856.

Peter Force, compiler, American Archives : Fourth Series. Containing a Documentary History of the English Colonies in North America [1774- 1776]. 6 vols. Washington, 1837-1846. — Fifth Series. Containing a Documentary History of the United States [1776-1783]. 3 vols. Washington, 1848-1853.

Albert Bushnell Hart and Edward Channing, editors, American History Leaflets. 30 numbers (to be had separately). New York, 1892-1896. — Includes many colonial documents.

George P. Humphrey, American Colonial Tracts. Rochester, May, 1897-. — Published monthly ; to be had separately.

Thomas Hutchinson, A Collection of Original Papers relative to the History of the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay [1628-1750]. Boston, 1769. — A useful set.

Edwin Doak Mead, editor, Old South Leaflets. 75 numbers (to be had separately or bound in 3 vols.). Boston, 1883-1896. — Many historical pieces ; texts not carefully collated. Valuable for schools.

Frank Moore, Diary of the American Revolution. From Newspapers and Original Documents. 2 vols. New York, etc., 1859-1860. — A well-chosen series of extracts arranged chronologically, covering the years 1775-1781.

Frank Moore, editor, Songs and Ballads of the American Revolution. New York, 1856.

Hezekiah Niles, Principles and Acts of the Revolution in America. Baltimore, 1822 ; also a reprint, New York, 1876. — This is a very useful volume, though many of the selections are very dull. It covers the period 1765- 1783.