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No. 5]
Collections and Reprints

Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan and Berthold Fernow, editors, Documents relative to the Colonial History of the State of New-York. 15 vols. Albany, 1856-1887. — Much matter not relating exclusively to New York ; includes a useful index volume. Vols. IV-VIII, X, XI on the period after 1689.

William Stevens Perry, editor, Historical Collections relating to the American Colonial Church. 5 vols. Hartford, 1870-1878. — A very small edition, and therefore rare.

Ben. Perley Poore, compiler, The Federal and State Constitutions, Colonial Charters, and other Organic Laws of the United States. 2 parts. Washington. 1877. — A much-needed reprint is in preparation (1897).

Winthrop Sargent, editor, The Loyalist Poetry of the Revolution. Philadelphia, 1857.

William L. Saunders, editor, The Colonial Records of North Carolina (10 vols.), and Walter Clark, editor, The State Records of North Carolina (4 vols.). 14 vols. Raleigh and Winston, 1886-1896. — Very inconveniently arranged, without contents or index, but abounding in general material. Covers the period 1662-1780; still in progress.

Jared Sparks, editor, Correspondence of the American Revolution. 4 vols. Boston, 1853. — Interesting and valuable letters, addressed chiefly to Washington. May be picked up at second hand for a small sum.

Jared Sparks, editor, The Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution. 12 vols. Boston, 1829-1830. — Arranged rather clumsily ; much of the same matter appears in better form in Wharton s edition.

Edmund Clarence Stedman and Ellen Mackay Hutchinson, editors, A Library of American Literature, from the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. 11 vols. New York, 1888-1890. — Part of Vol. II and Vol. III on the period 1689-1783; very well chosen, though not with immediate reference to the historical value of the pieces. An excellent set for a school library, and often found at second hand.

Anthony Stokes, A View of the Constitution of the British Colonies, in North America and the West Indies, at the time the Civil War broke out on the Continent of America. London, 1783. — Contains many writs and forms from colonial procedure.

John Wingate Thornton, The Pulpit of the American Revolution : or, the Political Sermons of the Period of 1776. With a Historical Introduction, Notes, and Illustrations. Boston, 1860.

Francis Wharton, editor, The Revolutionary Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States. 6 vols. Washington, 1889. — Official edition, arranged chronologically, with a valuable introduction.

William A. Whitehead, Frederick W. Ricord, and William Nelson, editors, Documents relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey. 19 vols. Newark, 1880-1897. — One of the most valuable collections of colonial sources ; it includes several volumes of reprints from rare newspapers ; still in progress.