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Public Records

Boston, Reports of the Record Commissioners of the City of Boston. (Edited by William Henry Whitmore and William S. Appleton.) 27 vols. 1876- 1896. — Contains records of Boston, Dorchester, Roxbury, the Boston Selectmen's Minutes, etc. The most important single set of town records.

Canada, Reports on Canadian Archives. (By Douglas Brymner, archivist.) 15 vols. Ottawa, 1881-1896. — Very valuable, and still in progress.

Concord, N. H., Concord Town Records [1732-1820]. Concord, 1894.

Connecticut, The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut [1636-1776]. (Compiled by James Hammond Trumbull and Charles J. Hoadly.) 15 vols. Hartford, 1850-1890.

East Hampton, Records of the Town of East- Hampton, Long Island. 4 vols. Sag-Harbor, 1887-1889.

Louisiana, Historical Collections of Louisiana. (Edited by Benjamin Franklin French.) 5 vols. New York, 1846-1853. Second Series, 2 vols., New York, 1869-1875. — Covers the French relations in the southwest.

Maryland, Archives of Maryland [1636-1777]. (Edited by William Hand Browne.) 16 vols. Baltimore, 1883-1897.

New Hampshire, Records [1623-1800]. (Compiled by Nathaniel Bouton, Isaac W. Hammond, and Albert S. Batchellor.) 27 vols. Concord, etc., 1867-1896.

New York, Documents relative to the Colonial History of the State of New York. (Edited by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan and Berthold Fernow.) 15 vols. Albany, 1856-1887. — One of the best sets ever published on colonial history ; includes documents of all kinds, conveniently arranged, printed, and indexed ; valuable on all the colonies. It may readily be bought at from $10 to $20 a set.

Pennsylvania, Colonial Records [1683-1790]. 1 6 vols. Philadelphia, 1852-1853. — Pennsylvania Archives [1664-1790]. (Compiled by Samuel Hazard.) 12 vols. Philadelphia, 1852-1856. Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series. (Edited by John B. Linn and William H. Egle.) 19 vols. Harrisburg. 1874-1890.

Rhode Island, Records of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations in New England. (Compiled by John Russell Bartlett.) 10 vols. Providence, 1856-1865.

South Carolina, Historical Collections of South Carolina [1492-1776] . (Compiled by B. R. Carroll.) 2 vols. New York, 1836. — Many interesting papers on the south.

Virginia, The Statutes-at-Large, being a Collection of all the Laws of Virginia [1619-1792]. (Compiled by William Waller Hening.) 13 vols. Philadelphia and New York, 1823. — Perhaps the most important set of colonial statutes printed.

Worcester, Mass., The Records of Worcester. (Edited by Franklin Pierce Rice.) (Worcester Society of Antiquity, Collections, Vols. I-XIV.)